For Covid precautions, we are re-imagining Prairie Appreciation Day this year.


Click HERE to download a flyer for this year’s events.


Location:  Thurston County’s Glacial Heritage Natural Area Preserve

Activity:  Take any one of three self-guided walks.

Time:  Any Thursday, Friday or Saturday from April 15th through May 15th.  One group each in the morning and afternoon.

System: Form a group of 6-12 people (family, friends, coworkers, club, etc).  Select a focal point/leader and register with the Center for Natural Lands Management at

Special Consideration: 

The gate to Glacial Heritage will be closed and locked between groups this year.  It is essential that the entire group arrive by the appointed time. There will be no provision for people leaving early other than an emergency.

We need VOLUNTEERS to help pull this off.  Please contact

SPECIAL EVENT:  There will be a special Prairie Restoration and Education Event on Saturday, May 8th at Glacial Heritage Preserve.  Check out the Activities page for all Prairie Appreciation Days Events this year!

iNaturalist:  Help document the south sound prairies.  Check it out on the blog post and the Activities page!

SEED FARM TOURS:  Get a group together and set up a spring tour of the Violet Prairie native plant seed farm.



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Interested in South Sound Prairie restoration? Check out this video created by The Center for Natural Lands Management